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Originally Posted by TravelGuy25 View Post
If the goal in a relationship such as this is to receive sex for both parties and as you have stated, if she isn't going to cheat with me she is going to cheat with someone, is it that wrong to be the guy in the middle? I know that sounds horrible, but is it so wrong to think selfishly in the fact that I am her outlet of the things the she may or may not think is right?

I'm glad to discuss this further and also happy you didn't take offence

The first part of this is accepting that your actions are actually hurting another human being. Shitty behaviour is likely to continue by this woman if what you are saying is true; she will find someone else to have sex with.

If I was going to rob a bank and asked you to be my getaway driver would you do it even though you knew it was wrong simply because someone else was going to do it and get a cut anyway? Or would you still look at the fact that those bank employees (who don't own the money I am stealing) are still going to be traumatized and hurt by my shitty behaviour?

Would your conscience and sense of self worth not be more intact if you walked away from that temporary gain and did not take on the responsibility of hurting people indirectly?

What she is offering is temporary sex. That's with the potential to explode in your face (not in a good way). Remember, this woman is untrustworthy...if you are just looking to get off I can understand how you could use her body to help with that but it sounds like you have real emotions for her. Even if she wasn't engaged would you trust a person who has this type of outlook?

Why not find some one who can provide you with the physical side of relationships who is actually capable of having a healthy one? You deserve better..just as her fiance does.

Treat others the way you want to be treated....would you want some one fucking your fiance behind your back?

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