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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
I've cut this out of another thread because it directly relates to the damage you are doing to yourself...I've been there and know what I am talking about. The message is within this's not meant to be personal but it does hold truth. The original thread deals with a woman who is knowingly cheating with a married man who's wife has asked her to step back. Just because a partner might know about the affair deosn't make it anything more than an cheating if all partners can't find health within the dynamic or give consent. In your case this other man..a person with a heart just like yours doesn't know yet.

"Talk about looking after number one....sorry, I obviously find the bonds of marriage way more sacred than this woman or any other person that would behave this way. I was cheating with a married woman and I will likely always carry that burden with me...I hurt another person to get what "I needed".....bullshit, I was selfish and not thinking about anything beyond my own childish get whatever I want in whatever way I could. I'd like to go back in time and kick the shit out of myself for the damage I did. I guess each of us as individuals need to grow up the hard way sometimes. Perhaps when this woman gets a taste of her own bullshit medicine she'll have a better appreciation of how it feels to be betrayed. Sorry to rant but after what I have seen I want to shake the shit out of anyone who thinks thier "needs" are more important than any other persons. If people were truly coming from a place of "giving more is getting more" then they would actually be giving more and not taking for themselves at the expence of another human being's happiness. I live in a world where I am responsible for the happiness of others and if that requires sacrifice within reason than so be it.

This woman is a taker IMO. Maybe she should go out and find something for herself that does not erode the happiness of another. "

Find the strength to get out before it gets worse. If she will do this to her fiance she will do this to anyone. She doesn't love her fiance...she disrespects him.

Take care
Thank you for taking the time to find that. Appreciate it.

I understand what you are saying. I think I will be ending this soon but I would like to continue this discussion just a little further.

If the goal in a relationship such as this is to receive sex for both parties and as you have stated, if she isn't going to cheat with me she is going to cheat with someone, is it that wrong to be the guy in the middle? I know that sounds horrible, but is it so wrong to think selfishly in the fact that I am her outlet of the things the she may or may not think is right?
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