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My friends, a couple deeply in love, are very affectionate with each other. This always makes me smile, though one time he was kissing her stomach with loud smoochy noises and I asked him to stop because that was just a little too much. It was the noise that got to me.

I also dislike being in close proximity to people (strangers or otherwise) playing tonsil hockey or dry humping in public.

Generally, I stick to the same kinds of affection with my guys that I would show my daughter. Quick pecks, non-sexual caresses, hand-holding, hugs and casual cuddles, that sort of thing. The exception is kisses hello and goodbye.

Thumper and I tend to peck for hellos and goodbyes, but we part and meet many times a day. T-Rex I see less often, so goodbye kisses in particular tend to linger a bit more.
Hinge of a V relationship with my husband (Thumper) and boyfriend (T-Rex). Also, mother of a 6 y/o girl by my husband.

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