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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
I thought I would answer this too cause I find it an interesting question. I could watch strangers have sex all day...but I don't even like watching my friends suck face. I don't normally feel any energy, especially sexual energy, from strangers but friendships open me up to a different level of energy exchange that disturbs me on a primal level. I don't like sharing sexual energy or having anyone else's (except a specific few) touch me. It's not jealousy, it's just disturbing....kinda icky.
I find it an intriguing question too, and looking at it from the energy exchange angle as Mono has... very disturbing yes... that said... I don't have a problem with it myself, just a yes with some people and there relative closeness as well as physical proximity to me plays a huge part in the level of 'ickiness'.

for example:if I can hear verbal cues of lovemaking between people I know in the next room... icky... as that cues me to feel the energy flow, and well to be blunt I will end up either frustrated (I ain't getting any action ) or completely turned off (just didn't need to hear it), watching it - would take it onto a much deeper level of ickiness, as would the closer relationship (to me) of the people involved... whereas across the other side of the house - not a biggie, even across the room can be fine (the degree of affection plays a part here too)

I am however, highly empathic (except when highly stressed and deliberately blocking myself from others) and suspect that others who find it disturbing (whether arousing or shutting down from it) would also be empathic... I could be way off with that though, and of course there are those that would find it disturbing for cultural/moral/other reasons
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