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Originally Posted by moose View Post
Now don't get me wrong, i love my wife to dealth! and we actually just had our 1st born 3 weeks ago, but i want/need more out of life.
I'm not sure if this is your first child or not but there is a serious concern here. The introduction of a baby will tend to strain even the best of relationships due to less time for each other and certainly a lot less physical intimacy.

I would strongly recommend putting your own needs on hold for a while in this area. Seriously, suck it up and let your family settle in. Now is not the time to start asking to explore your wife's bi curiosity. She will almost definitely not have the energy, time, or sexual desire to want to pursue this. More than likely this will be viewed as you looking for a way to satisfy yourself physically and will put a severe damper on what might be better received in the future when your family is secured. I highly doubt she will see any benefit in this for her.

Family first in this case, self second. You’re a husband and a new father and you should be supporting your wife and child before anything at this point.

If I seem a little harsh in my response it's because broaching the topic of poly is a tender thing in any case, but in this case it just seems insensitive and self serving.

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