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Originally Posted by maca View Post
Sooo.. . Just out of curiousity how do the rest of you address this.
Hey Maca


How does your gut react when you see total strangers getting quite intimate in public ?

Be honest.............

Because it may be that you have a couple different triggers working here and you need to discover what percentage is what and plan your attack accordingly.
It's shocking (to me) how much discomfort there is for many people about public display of affection. Especially in guys who are generally the big consumers of porn. But true affection is different.
Not the place here to try to psychoanalyze the reasoning behind all the discomfort - just sufficient to say it's real and exists so has to be dealt with.

If it's ONLY (or primarily) about LR then you know what you're dealing with. And maybe it will never be 100% comfortable but it's who she is, so best plan is to figure on dealing with it. It's not going away.
And maybe look at it this way......
At LEAST it's real, genuine ! And it's a positive thing.
With all the shit we see around us every day, being witness to a little genuine, positive emotion is not the worst thing that could happen to us - right ?

Dig in a little - see what's what. Try seeing the positive side. Lots of this stuff is little more than choices. We're not just rags flopping in the wind.........we have some control over our emotions and choices - right ?

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