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Originally Posted by Nadine View Post
Anyway, I'm just concerned mostly about children in a poly family. With the social stigmas I'm really feeling like this is something I need to hide from my kids and family but I don't want to.
Anyone been there, have any stories or advice, or whatever?
My daughter was 11 when her mother and I began dating again. She had already been told that my wife and I are poly, though I'm not certain she fully understood. When I began dating her mother while still married, though, I doubt she could mistake the meaning. She never asked for any details; she just knew that I was married to her step-mom and dating her mother at the same time.

My son hasn't ever had any trouble with relationships of any sort. My ex-wife's family provided him with a gay uncle and a lesbian aunt (and their partners) and I've discussed my relationships with him on occasion. He's 20 now, though his disabilities mean he's very much 12 in so many ways.

I suspect teenagers would have more problems with poly than younger children.
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