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Our relationship progressed and my husband and I really delved into the fact that I had always been non-monogamous but had wanted to be married to him because he and I had a connection stronger than any I had experienced before. I suppose that it should have been a topic of discussion prior to our marriage, but I had decided that I was going to be mono to make our marriage work... but it was around the night of the "kiss that changed everything" that I realized I did not have a MONO heart.

Things got really intense with A, and I found myself having a hard time balancing my relationships with both A and J. My feelings for A were just so powerful and J was being crazy and having problems with his mood disorder and so I gravitated to A...and he was having problems with his wife, and he gravitated to me. It was an intense love, unlike anything I had experienced before and it was this incredible feeling.... but I found myself struggling to really balance the emotions between the two and it began to frustrate both of us. However, over time, things started to normalize... until it was time for A to leave for his next duty station. I was heartbroken but after awhile, I realized that I had to break up with him because he wasn't interested in continuing to share me... be continued...
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