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Thanks guys -

Bella - I did not mean coming out as in making a large announcement and displaying it prominently, I simply meant that I would be open about it - i.e as in I read an interesting article that mentions or is about poly living I may want to link it (currently I do not)... and would expect to be able to make vague status updates that may lead into a discussion about it if people asked.. certainly not being 'in your face' or anything like that.

LR - yes absolutely - except I don't want to have to lock out various people from bits and pieces of my life, they either accept me or they don't... meh it's a question that can wait for a little it's not overwhelming at this point as I have decided to wait for a bit.. any openness with the kids will happen naturally and of its own accord... and that will progress as WW and I are able to be natural with it... (don't need the kids to show me I do work on facebook and regularly update them to new features )

It's more an issue of: at this point it is my choice to stay "in the closet" as it were... when I choose to be open I will be open to everyone... my memory difficulties contribute to my need for a 'blanket' openness... until I/we make that choice consciously, WW and I will work on where we are with everything and how we each feel with being open to everyone... for me it will likely still need to be a blanket thing, but we will see how that works as we progress.
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