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I read what you wrote in the other thread before you posted here. He is not doing poly, he's cheating. He's given you no reason to trust him, and is treating the other woman poorly as well.

People like this give poly a bad name. A friend of ours said that we're the only "real" poly people she's ever met. The other times she's encountered it was some guy who wanted to cheat and get in her pants and other similar instances.

I see the word "polyamory" met with skepticism elsewhere because of the liars and cheaters.

As Mono said in the other thread (I am paraphrasing from memory here), he may be poly by nature, but not in practice.

Polyamory as I understand it falls under the umbrella of ETHICAL nonmonogamy. There ain't nothin' ethical about your husband's behavior. So, your husband may be capable of having many loves, but he is not practicing this in an ethical manner and is totally ignoring the bit about open, honest communication.
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