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Originally Posted by preciselove View Post
If you were more than an Aunt figure you have to consider what the child would call you. It seems an issue for me, what do you call the co parent?
There's no doubt that Mimi has been a co-parents all of the 19 years I've had children.
The first child called her Auntie, the next two followed suit. The last one calls her Mimi (we don't know why).

The thing is-that "Auntie" was a comfortable name for her and so that's what she was, but her time and effort has always been equal to parent.
shrug-as long as she and the child are comfortable with the name... who cares?

GG, was "N'uncle" to the first child.
The next two alternate between calling him Uncle and calling him by his given name with "ey" added to the end.
The youngest calls him his given name with "ey" added to the end.

Again-definitely co-parent. But, who cares?

It wasn't all too unusual in times past for aunts and uncles (and grandparents) to co-parent children, but they were still auntie, uncle, nana, papa, grandma, grampa.

You know?
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