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So much time has passed, so many efforts to get things on track have failed.

Right now Maca isn't living with us (obviously). So there are a LOT of technical details that have changed.

But, showing affection is still a slightly difficult one. Much less so than it was 18 months ago. But, still tense.

I wonder, what should I do when Maca IS here... should I be less affectionate with GG, because I don't want to rub it in Maca's face that GG is still living here? Should I just be "normal" so that Maca gets used to it and GG doesn't feel left out? Should I just run and hide whenever they're both around-so I'm not!

I don't know sometimes. Emotionally I don't want to make things any harder on any of us than I already have by coming out poly.... but, figuring out WHAT isn't harder, well that's a bitch now isn't it!
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