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Alright, after thinking it over alot this weekend i decided to jsut go for it and talk about it. I will admit i would very nervous as my wife is semi conservitive and plus the horimonal fact that sea brought up. Anywho, i figured in any great strong relationship you should be able to talk about anything at anytime (what doesn't hurt you will make you stronger). So at first it was very ackward, as we never talk about things of this nature or even things of a sexual nature. I was trying to explain the whole concept to her and she just didn't understand it, so i took some of your advice and pulled up the wikipedia article and it was alot clearer than. She is not sold on it yet, but i must say, we haven't talked this openly in a LONG TIME. probably talked about this for 3-4 hrs, it was actually pretty amazing. I think her whole pit fall it society standards and and how society views a married couple should live or act which me personally i think is total BS. Anyhow, i think if we creap very slowly into this i think it may be possible. Do any of you have anymore wikipedia type acticles i can show her??
thanks again for all your input
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