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Well, we have two cars, actually, and I considered keeping one in LA permanently, but I like having two when I'm home in SD. That way if she's at the store or off taking care of something, and I need to run out, I can. Cost of parking it in LA though would make it all pointless. Better to just time my drives right and not sweat the miles on the vehicles. I seldom run into traffic now, as I've kinda got all the timings down, from years of living in LA and visiting my folks in SD. ...but I digress.

A relationship type update:

G has apparently been feeling neglected since I started working in LA - since before L was in the picture. This was not something I was made aware of, and had I been aware of it, I would not have brought another into the mix, but that is done now, and calling it off with L at this point would be punishing L for something she had no hand in. Time to redouble my focus on making sure G feels loved and supported.

The party was a gas - we're not "out" to all of our friends, but I told two of them that night, as I had planned to crash in their spare bedroom after the party with L, and coming out at that point was a necessity, either that or shell out for a hotel. They were glad I came out, and were very understanding and supportive! They wanted to meet L, but ended up dealing with some of their own stuff that night and the next morning and were unable to join us at the party, or meet for breakfast in the AM. One of them is very sick with a chronic disease, and sometimes needs to step back from social situations etc.

Anyhow, nobody at the party knew L and I were together. My friend whose birthday it was was very happily surprised I showed up, and even moreso with a new 'friend' who he had never met, and wasn't my wife. He was quite obviously suspicious, but I told him not to overthink it, that all was well in the world of Svart and G, and that it was a long story I'd tell him over beers and burritos some other time. He gave me one of those "dude, I don't give a shit, you're my amigo" shrugs and the evening proceeded from there.

Well, being a couple at a party can be dull... but not if nobody at the party knows you're a couple! The gaggle of men following L around like little lost puppies was no end of entertainment! Ahead of time we talked about how it would go and I basically told her to act like she and I were just friends - no PDA, flirting at a minimum, but she could feel free to flirt with others, etc, which is very natural for her. Only one or two people noticed me watching her, which was mostly able to be passed off as me looking out for my buddy. I wasn't jealous of all the attention she was receiving, or even giving, though I did wish we could have been more intimate together at the party. I got a little peeved as I thought she was ignoring my subtle hints that I wanted to leave as the night wore on, but as it turns out, she's actually fairly oblivious to subtlety - not something I'm used to. Next time, a kick in the ass and a "hey, time to go" is what it'll take, as opposed to a hand on the shoulder and a glance in the direction of the door.

The five or six men who were all trying to get in her pants were all understandably befuddled and disappointed when L left with her buddy the married guy.

Lots of talking, making out, and passionate lovemaking until the sun came up. Filled with NRE. Feelings for L are growing quickly, though I haven't dropped the "L" word, it's pretty obvious, even with her obliviousness, and it's even more obvious she's feeling the same way. This is by far the best experience I've ever had with another woman besides G, and as great as it is, it still doesn't hold a candle to what I feel for her, nor has it taken away from it at all, but it has compounded G's feelings of neglect from when I was away before - and that's what I'm focused on fixing right now. Incredibly, L has been extremely willing to give good relationship advice, and I'm starting to feel the love and support around me. This is incredible. If I can make G feel the same way once more, I'll melt.

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