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Originally Posted by SourGirl View Post
Not many of us left, who embrace open relationships, yet haven`t abandoned Christianity.
Very cool.
Me! However, I have pulled away from "The Church" as a whole. It was a long 5+ year struggle and as soon as I began embracing all the things the church was fighting so hard against (especially my mother), I was able to find a peace with God and Christianity that I didn't know before. I have made the mistake of trying to vocalize my revelations to my mother , totally not worth it. I have to remind myself to just smile and nod .

I highly recommend the book "Divine Sex: Liberating Sex from Religous Tradition". It is written by a retired pastor and the whole focus is to prove that most of the traditional church teachings about sex are NOT Biblical. It is very Biblically oriented I find it great to get validation for conclusions I came to on my own, but didn't have the "reference" to back it up.
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