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Thanks Penny -- I didn't mean to jump on what you'd said as if you were "wrong" and I was "right." It may have come off that way, but it was not intentional. I get what you're saying -- that is one thing I like about the forum -- people will speak from the heart. It is good to consider the perspectives of others, for sure. I know in my own life there are times I can be walking around in some DEEP denial, until someone has said, "Hey! I'm seeing THIS....!"

So many facets, especially when you are grinding yourself into a diamond. It would be so much easier to just stay dull, than to explore the sparkly life of polyamory! Ha!

KIDD, I hope you will keep sharing. Maybe your wife could come on here, too? Sometimes that helps, to have both perspectives. I really like the shared blogs on here. Anyway, hang in there!
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