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No, no, my bad. I shouldn't be petty about it. As I said, my gut reaction here is making me unreasonable and it's spilling over into all my responses.

My husband and I also practice radical honesty. I am just not getting the feeling that's what's going on here, at least not from her.

I will have to analyze my own reactions and post something more substantive and logical, but right now my instincts are screaming at me that there's something going on here that just isn't right.

I usually don't go on guts alone, but my reaction is so strongly negative in this case that it is actually difficult for me to analyze and articulate it at this time. I have numerous non-poly-related issues going on in my life atm, which does not help.

Still, I have found that my guts bear listening to, and while I don't want to undermine the OP's progress or potential happiness, I feel it would not be without merit for him to entertain the notion that maybe this situation really isn't okay.
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