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Originally Posted by CaptainKIDD23 View Post
While the fluid bonding itself does not bother me, the fact that she fluid bonded orally does... Since our first child, my wife has refused to perform oral on me. The reason being is that some how anything beyond missionary and a few "vanilla" positions, seems to make her feel anxious and uncomfortable, as if blow jobs and kinky sex violate the "purity" of marriage and her being a mother. She can't be "slutty" for me (her words). She says it is easier for her to explore that with OG because sex with him doesn't bring up a tension between something "pure" and something "vulgar". That bothers me, that she is exploring a side of her sexuality that I am excluded from as her husband, because of her upbringing sex is thought of as bad, and marriage is good, so to mix them seems wrong.. More comfortable for her to live in sexual black&white thinking... Does ths make sense? This has been eating away at me all day..
I think this is something that needs to be addressed and you should make a concerted effort to correct. The upbringing excuse is bullshit, if she was so tied to her upbringing, there wouldn't be a boyfriend in the picture. That there's a mental block of somekind I have no doubt. I too find it difficult to try and ask for new things with my husband, just because we have such a long history and if it's not something he has asked for I get self concious about what he will think of me or worry that he won't like it or be willing. On the other hand, I have no trouble doing anything new he asks for. There are a few things I know he likes, but I have only done it once or twice and am therefore not confident in my ability so I just don't do it and he doesn't ask for it (probably for the same reason). Another reason why she shouldn't be sharing such detailed information of her sex life with OG.
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