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Lightbulb sharing success and happiness

Doing great today. Fighting that "scrape me off the ceiling" feeling (I know -- who would fight that, right?! But trying to keep a balance, as best I can).

Saw Bob Seger in concert Saturday night. Front row! Bob Seger shook my hand!

In a great place with my husband -- Sundance. He has been to hell and back the past few weeks, and I am so fucking proud of him!!! He's been doing some tough self-discovery work, and I am seeing the payoffs, big time. He has grown more confident and secure in himself, and I am finding him irresistably sexy, which in turn makes him feel more confident and secure, which in turn leads desperately wanting to give him a blowjob..... which leads me to his morning shower..... which leads to a very nice start to Sundance's day, I believe
Then I went to Butch Cassidy's place and had some great FWB fun, and felt happy to come back home to my wonderful home that I share with my wonderful husband and our beautiful family.
Scrape me off the ceiling, for sure!

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