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@TruckerPete, Yes they did... But I'm not sure whether this is relevant or not. Mainly because from the start of this relationship with OG, I've wanted to take a comfortable middle ground between micro-managing their relationship on one hand, and throwing the door wide open with no discussion for boundaries. Our only "rule" when it came to sex was that OG be STD free (which he is) and that there should be a policy of full disclosure and radical honesty if asked for... We never discussed the specifics of sexual acts such as fluid bonding. To be honest it bothers me no more or no less than any random thought of my wife having sex with another man. By that I mean, I already knew they were having sex and that was enough to create some jealousy and discomfort me. Merely asserting that they fluid bonded does not add to my discomfort... The fact they she feels as committed to OG as she does to me does bother me very much however. It scares the shit out of me actually.

While the fluid bonding itself does not bother me, the fact that she fluid bonded orally does... Since our first child, my wife has refused to perform oral on me. The reason being is that some how anything beyond missionary and a few "vanilla" positions, seems to make her feel anxious and uncomfortable, as if blow jobs and kinky sex violate the "purity" of marriage and her being a mother. She can't be "slutty" for me (her words). She says it is easier for her to explore that with OG because sex with him doesn't bring up a tension between something "pure" and something "vulgar". That bothers me, that she is exploring a side of her sexuality that I am excluded from as her husband, because of her upbringing sex is thought of as bad, and marriage is good, so to mix them seems wrong.. More comfortable for her to live in sexual black&white thinking... Does ths make sense? This has been eating away at me all day..
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