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stitch, I am in my mid twenties as well. Figuring out where poly ends and sex begins has been difficult for me to figure out so far too. I am a very sexual person in my monogamous relationship so I figure I will be the same in my poly ones? I thought for a long time being poly was an excuse to be promiscuous, but I could see quickly that poly people (not the ones just saying they are poly) real poly people talk about being in love with multiple people.

I spent a lot of time looking at that aspect, do I believe I would really love two people. Is love a valuable resource which only has enough capacity to fill one other persons void? Or, is it like the poly concept, an unmeasurable resource. Some poly people seem to say the more you give the more you get.

The sexual part is something I have a lot of research to do, of course I am married to a mono girl who is struggling with the whole concept, so focusing on the love part will make more sense at first.
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