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@Redpepper, Thanks for the response. I am seeing two therapists right now, one is connected to my DBT group (borderline). I discuss with him personal issues, and ways this poly thing is triggering my fears of abandonment and other apsects of my BPD. My wife and I also see a marriage therapist (who identifies as poly-friendly), and rarely if ever do I go too deep into my past or into my issues with marriage therapist. But obviously they come up, just not as much as in my DBT group... I think my marriage counselor suggested the girl friend angle, after I said that I am not sure if I am wired MONO or do I feel MONO because of insecurity, jealousy and abandonment issues. One is about what comes natural, the other is about what I am not considering due to fear... BUT I agree with 100% btw, one of the reasons I have not jumped into dating other women si because I am not fully aware of my motives. Am I merely trying to be an "even-handed-poly", meaning if she gets another relationship, so do I, and I won't feel good until the relationship balance is even? If thats the case, then cleary my motives are unhealthy.. Until I sort this out, I refuse to pursue another woman in a relationship... Thank you so much for your input.. You seem to offer a lot of wisdom and insight. Thank you!
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