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Hmm I wanted to start a similar post on this but with a slightly different spin. I am new to poly and new to this forum and some of you who posted on this topic, includig redpepper who started it, knows a bit about me.

I am 24 and married with a three year old. I just graduated college. My wife and I had our found out about our son going into sophomore year, and got married last summer.

Now, I went to school at a smaller state school and joined a fraternity. The last year and a half I served as president and held many positions before that. Its interesting to see what other 20 somethings feel about dating. Since I was engaged I didn't 'play the field' but it was somewhat ironic since (even though I didn't identify with it yet) I was poly all throughout college. I sat a listned to numerous fraternity brothers talk about all their different "relationships" hooks-ups, one night stands bla bla bla, and kept wondering, why am I so weird for wanting to be actually with multiple people if all these guys feel it is completely normal to just basically do whatever they want.

I've talked to a lot of people my age about sex, and have always been listening for people who might be like me. I know of maybe one where I went to school, but have a long term high school friend who I know is poly or different, and recently found out another college friend is more than typical.

Anyone who said google will yield poly with the right keywords and people my age like to find out what the meaning of what they are doing is I believe is hitting the nail on the head. I don't want to be misunderstood myself though, because I did the same thing at first, only I knew for a long time I was different.

Good Topic.
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