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I finished chapter 1 of my math this week.

I had a date night with Maca Friday. We got a lot of talking done. We ironed out goals to work on (for improving ourselves and for improving our relationship) for this next week. We addressed a few issues that crop up between us regarding communication and laid out methods for improving them.

We also went through the house and discussed which "fixer up" things were going to be dealt with first, second, third etc.
We cleaned out 2 more bags of "stuff" to go to the trash and got a few bags of donation stuff ready-together.

Then Maca took the kids Saturday night to his place for the night. They had a BLAST!

He brought them home today, he and I talked over some aspects of the family dynamic, how/when we were going to start adding the steps for improving that into our goal lists.

Overall-another productive weekend. We both worked our butts off on our goals for last week and were very happy with our own progress and reassured by each others efforts as well.
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