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It was pretty rough getting to an agreeable place with my wife. Her fears and concerns run the gambit. She truly believes a person cannot love multiple people and things I will quickly find someone else I love more than her.

She thinks I will be seeing tons of people, that maybe I'll want them all living with us. That I'll want to have kids with all kinds of women. She is afraid she is not good enough. I tell her it going to be ok and we can work through everything.

There is a women I like, but have not pursued because it would not have matched my relationship status. After discussing everything my wife has asked that I do not talk to her for the next day and give her the day before I contact the other girl. This is to help her clear her head.

I am not sure if any of it is making much sense right now, but I am absolutely willing to wait the day for her to get her head straight. I believe she is wired mono as opposed to other monos who may not know what else there is out there. I am fine with this and fine with her needing a lot of emotional support before anything really happens.

We'll have to take the first step at some point or it will keep nagging me. One benefit to the person I am going to open up to and see how she responds is that she lives in a different state, so the relationship will not be based on physical things.
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