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Well, it has been a while.. a busy while at that. I decided to make the site a little more than just a dating site. I made one that is more of a community site with dating added in.

At first, I only targeted it to the Atlanta/SE USA area, but I'm now expanding it nation wide. In fact, theres no reason it can't be nation wide right now... its just the domain that can be confusing.

You can check it out at

As a community site, it has forums, classifieds, groups, dating, live chat, places to advertise events and meetups, blogs, news, polls, a wide array of privacy and notification settings, and a whole bunch more.

What do you guys think? Feel free to sign up.. it's free. The whole goal behind it was to create a place where someone can go to find like minded people, local events, meetups, etc. In this digital age it shouldn't be as hard as it is to find people like ourselves and local places to socialize.
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