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I head home after our date and realized that I could not remember that little pause while he puts on the condom. I texted him to ask if I just hadn't noticed him putting on a condom. He called me back the next morning (the text was very late night) to say that he had not used a condom, he had asked me about not using one and thought I had agreed. And he was really sorry and wanted to talk.
Call me a cynic... but this is suspect to me.

I just can't fathom being careless enough in life to "accidently" fluid bond... maybes it a lack of sleep but the "oops I didn't wear a condom and just came in you" story sounds like bullshit to me.

I have re-read this several times and I have even mentioned it to my wife... I am just blubbering at how... hell I don't even know.
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