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My dad comes from a conservative religious catholic background, but my mom is more liberal spiritual (no religious affiliation). It seems my sister had a hard time being accepted as bi, but mostly the lack of acceptance is my parents not believing her, thinking it is a girl thing, or making some poor jokes at her expense (which she mostly lets roll off her back).

For some reason I feel like the rejection of being a son, who is bi, and poly will not go over well for my dads pride. My mom may be supportive, but she doesn't fully endorse her more liberal laid back raising because I think she wants to get as far from it as she can at times.

People are going to notice if there are other romantic relationships in our marriage. And frankly I want to be who I am with out concern and therefore feel coming out is an important step for me. But I am afraid.

The interesting thing about me is that becoming poly and coming out are not tied to any new people in my relationship. I may choose not to come out until my wife and I are comfortable with a new addition.

It is becoming clear to me that this forum isn't helping just see what poly is and if I am poly, but more helping me figure out what to do with the knowledge, and there is a big question of how to figure this all out with my wife who isn't.
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