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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I was wondering what the difference is and what the cause is of people in their 20's using the term poly and not dating.
I think the internet is a big part of it.

When I was in my twenties, It would have been very hard for me to use, or even discover the word “poly”. Especially as I frequented coffee shops and bars rather than the university library. I would have really had to go out of my way to analyse my relationships and research relationship styles – And I was too busy just having them

I’d heard of the internet, something along the lines of “Yeah, like, I think you can look up information from anywhere in the world and it just comes up on your own computer screen, and you can write a letter to someone but you don’t even need to post it – It just appears instantly on their own computer” ...oh, does it get to their screen ?? LOL !

Not very many people I knew had home computers. Information was hard to find, it took time to get information.

I think it’s the same for may aspects of life;

I have a sore ankle, a quick google search indicates I may have a problem with my achilles tendon....

My mood swings are severe – Oh, google points me towards bipolar issues.

I’m in a relationship with X, but really have strong feelings for Y. Google presents me with “poly”.

The internet presents us with solutions or discussions or definitions or philosophies or strategies, and it’s instant information, right there on your own computer screen.

People in their twenties have grown up with a high level of “information expectations”, they expect and desire information on their topic of interest to be available, so it’s probably not too surprising that what would have been “dating” years and years ago...lends itself to “poly” now.

Now, I should also admit I don’t know many people in their I’m just musing..

Anybody in their twenties for comment ?
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