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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
But I don't know, I've never dated around, and I think most people would expect you to be dating only them if you're dating them, no?
No, I don't think most people you go on a date with would assume they're the only person you're dating until you've gone out a few times and then things started to be sexual. And then you would discuss it before assuming that kind of exclusivity. To most people I know, dating usually means out there and dating people without any commitment yet. But dating doesn't necessarily mean you are sexual with your dates - that would be, perhaps, "playing the field." Dating is usually the phase where you get to know someone and see if you want to take it further. When you're only seeing one person, or begin to have some kind of steady or committed involvement, you're "seeing someone."

Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
Even though I'm poly, if I date someone who tells me they're single, I'll interpret it to mean they're not seeing anyone at all. To me, dating means you're not single anymore . . .
To me, single just means you don't have a committed exclusive relationship. Then again, lots of people I know think that single just means not married. In either case, you can be dating a bunch of people, as a single person. That's what most single people do - date!

As for the young people nowadays, and their interests and the terminology they use, they are truly a puzzlement to me (oy, I sound old)! Haha! So, I really can't speak to that.
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