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If I were you, I would go get a morning after pill. And don't beat yourself up about this. Get tested for STIs in a few weeks and then three months later.

However, you made an error in judgment and this is important to examine. Honestly, I don't know how far gone you could be not to monitor the official dressing of the cock for the occasion - unless you were drunk or stoned or something. No matter how euphoric a sexual experience is for me, I always pay attention to that, so perhaps you need to learn how to stay present more and not let yourself get so lost. I mean, what about changing positions - don't you check to make sure the condom stays on when he pulls out before re-entering again?

Maybe it's a matter of self-confidence or assertiveness for you?

In addition, you should always have your own supply of rubbers and not be reliant upon the guy to put them on. I just bought a nice carrying case for mine to keep in my purse, and I always have tons handy in my bedroom. I am usually always the one to get them out and put them on the guy - I have impressed several lovers by my ability to do it one-handed (though it seems no big deal to me). It can be part of the sex play - don't leave it up to him!

Yes, lessons learned!
The world opens up... when you do.

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