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My story has been a long time in development. In high school I watched a peer who I had known since early grade school come out of the closet. He was not flamboyant, but once he came out took his sexuality very seriosly and become an important figure and leader for the GSA club which I joined as an ally.

More recently I have begun to identify as bi or partially bi, and am beginning to feel like I should / would like to be open to my family.

This of course is a different topic than poly, but is somewhat tied in. Coming out in general poly or bi is way uncomfortable for me, but I have watched very highly respected friends do it and was always proud of them. They also seems to have positive results.

For now it seems like I will spend a lot of time reading, pondering, and seeing what others have to say about me as I explore my new relationship-ness (is there a poly term for this - is it just poly or polyamorous?) and alongside that, will probably explore how I feel about being bi.

Its great to have support from you and the community. Did the end of your relationship with your mono partner have anything to do with him not being poly? or was it more typical relationship struggles? I worry a lot about my wife and I breaking up over all this even though things are going well and communication is good so far.

I tried to walk out on the relationship not too long ago for fear that I am only delaying an inevitable failure and only going to do more damage in the long run. I know I am a good father, but I struggle with how I am as a husband because of being poly. I told my wife this and that I didn't want to do harm in the long run and she basically said she would never want me to leave. BUT the whole poly thing is really hard for her at the same time.
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