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Default little koi of love

Hi folks,

Excuse the title - I'm feeling a little corny right now. Tee hee.

I've been in a closed triad for 3 years. I was married to my husband for 10 years before that.

I just proposed to my girlfriend, and she said yes! Soon our man will be proposing to her as well (i expect it will go similarly). So we're on to the task of planning our wedding ceremony. We have an officiant, yay! And now we're looking for venues... and advice in regards to ceremonies.

My husband and I have two kids, and our girlfriend has 1. We all live together. It's been quite the journey bringing us all together. Life has been very fast paced and full of change the past few years, and now we are slowing down and settling into our own rhythm.

I'm very excited for the future. It's been both a lovely and challenging journey. Fwew!

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