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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
oh, yeah, my result is PREOCCUPIED!
Hah! I got that, too.

According to your questionnaire responses, your attachment-related anxiety score is 4.57, on a scale ranging from 1 (low anxiety) to 7 (high anxiety). Your attachment-related avoidance score is 1.31, on a scale ranging from 1 (low avoidance) to 7 (high avoidance).
Combining your anxiety and avoidance scores, you fall into the preoccupied quadrant. Previous research on attachment styles indicates that preoccupied people tend to have highly conflictual relationships. Although they are comfortable expressing their emotions, preoccupied individuals often experience a lot of negative emotions, which can often interfere with their relationships.
*facepalm* See... I'm not sure I have "highly conflictual" relationships. But I don't know. Perhaps an ex or two would disagree.

I know I have things to work on but at least I know I have things to work on.
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