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Originally Posted by newconfused View Post
lol...I know. She knows that she has to be the move maker because we are inexperienced but it seems like she has no interest unless we chase after her. I am just worried that this is going to ruin the friendship.
Personal opinion: If she knows you are not the move maker, and she PREFERS to be the move maker, then she is trying to let you know that she is not interested, yet still stringing you along in typical attention whore fashion. I'm just saying....This has been OUR experience. I would corner her on it, and confront her about it. Let her know your concerns and your questions. Why play games?

Just ask....and get it out in the open. To hell with the guessing game. Whats the worst that could happen if you ask? She gets embarrassed and doesn't talk to you for a little while? But if you never ask, you never know for sure, and are always guessing.
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