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Originally Posted by preciselove View Post
If you were more than an Aunt figure you have to consider what the child would call you. It seems an issue for me, what do you call the co parent? It seems many people just go by their name, that doesn't really gel well with me, I wouldn't want my kids to call me by my first name.... it's an interesting one.
My mom called both her parents by their first name (well, a nickname for it). My grandmother died when I was a kid, but she still calls her father that way, as do we all.
I've never called any of my grandparents grandpa or grandma, they all have nicknames based on their names. I've always seen it as the norm (how do other people do to differentiate between their grandparents if they call them the same thing? Or do they call them different things, for instance "grandpa" and "granddad" or something?).
There are also homoparental families that work in a similar way (since both would otherwise be "mom" or "dad").

So while I don't question the fact that you wouldn't like that, I think it can work well. If you grow up with it, it's just normal. Personally I like the idea of having a nickname rather than being "mom". I mean, I would want to be called something that doesn't only relate to my relationship with the kid. I wouldn't want my brothers to call me "sister" or my parents to call me "daughter", I'm glad they call me in ways specific to me. I would like for it to be the same way with a kid, being called not just as their mom, but as my own person.

But I think it's a matter of taste.
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