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Your story together is an inspiration to me. I wanted to know what married couples starting polyamory was like. Unfortunatly for me, although I have been open with my wife back when she was my fiance, I didn't really know what polyamory was.

When I first started reading and learning about it, I used it more as a cover for sexual things (more partners).

Because I knew that wasn't truly polyamory I figured I wasn't poly and instead just a typical sexual male.

Then we got married and a year or so went by, and I realized I really do have interests outside of sex in relation to other poeple. And feel love is not restricted to one person.

Now I am faced with getting married without having had the opportunity to be upfront with my wife a head of time that I am truly poly. She is mono. For now I am doing a lot of reading on this forum and trying to learn about myself, and what things can make my wife comfortable.

I do not want to hurt her, and am willing to take things as slowly as is necessary for her to feel comfortable, but I know that pretending that I am mono for the rest of my life will most likely not work. I also want her to feel comfortable remaining mono for the rest of her life since that would be giving her the same freedom to be who she is as I am asking from her to be who I am.

I really enjoyed reading your story, and since its been a while since your last post, I hope everything is going really well!
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