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It seems this thread is old now, but coming out is difficult to face. I want to believe I am not different from society, but I am. I only recently realized I was poly, and it is not from experiencing. So basically I am identifying as poly and trying to figure out if I should come out about it then pursue it, or pursue it and then come out about it.

Its more complicated then that though because I am married with a three year old, and although my wife has known I was different since early in our relationship (going on four years) I have only identified as poly for about 6 months.

She is supportive or at least not un-supportive, but definitely mono. I don't want to hurt her.

My parents are open minded people. My sister seems to be poly as well, and we are now beginning to discuss what that means for us. But I only introduced her to the term poly a few days ago, and I don't think she has done any research yet. I came out to my brother and that went really well. I guess it will probably go well with my family, but it is still quite scary.
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