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Originally Posted by dub1h View Post
But I do see why it might be good to be poly. There's a certain level of detachment from love. It's like being in love just staring into someone's eyes and resisting the urge to walk up and hug them tightly, never letting go. It's kind of good to live that way because a lot of times, things don't last forever, or people move, life happens. Especially at a young age (thinking early 20s, college aged).
I wonder this too some times. I wonder if people at a younger age are doing what I used to call dating in my early 20's. I see no difference really. I used to date people and not tell other people I was dating that I was seeing others. To me that isn't poly. Poly is consentual non monogamy... anything else to me is dating... all fine and well, but I wonder why the change in name these days? Its more popular? Indicates something that either you aren't or are working on...? interesting question. Thread worthy perhaps.

Originally Posted by dub1h View Post
Started dating a girl, receive warning that she is polyamorous.
I love that you were warned....! Ha!

Originally Posted by dub1h View Post
Just a few weeks later, I was asking her about her plans, and she kind of reluctantly told me about the other guy she was seeing. She assured me that I was still her favorite, and we were together and she was just dating him right now. I felt safe, like I was a primary partner I guess.
Why do people do that?! GAUD! fessing up and then saying "I like you better" is just bullshit. Sorry, I just would have a hard time believing that myself. If I am better, then why didn't you respect me enough to tell me what was going on for you?! hmmmm?!
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