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i have to confirm that my partner never leid to anyone. she has been very honest with me and him. i did tell her that i dont think im ready but at the same time i did say it was ok.

i did have a disscusion with him and let him know that i will learn from this and that it is ok. but when it was happening, that is when i realised i wasnt ready.

the only thing that im not ok with is that she did fall in love with him and thats the only thing that upset me. i understand like i said about living in the moment, but there wasnt one moment

the love we have for eachother is so strong and we're in love with the idea of us. the dreams we have, the visions of our chrildren and the life we choose to live. but getting there is going to be hard and the advise i was looking for is that should we do this now or wait
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