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Well, I don't know much about swinging, but my gf and I had a 4 way recently with an old ex of hers, and my guy D. This woman, T, is 32 and has been a swinger all her life. She and my gf used to go to swinger things at hotels as a couple back 10 yrs ago, when they were quite young, and my gf was living as a man.

But it's different for her now. She goes to websites set up for casual, swinging type sex, meets men interested in NSA sex that way. Just one on one sex.

It was funny... she told us she tries to not kiss her sex partners, b/c it makes her feel "too" attached. But hell if she didnt kiss the heck out of me, my gf and my guy when we were shagging. lol I think our poly kinda wore on her.

She is not averse to a more commited love-style relationship, and in fact told us about her latest real bf. But she just loves sex with relative strangers as well. Even if they get together more than once, she keeps her distance. For reasons of her own. I don't judge her.

I must say, she was very good at sex, from all her experience! That was a bonus.

But yeah, preciselove, maybe ppl in general aren't really "accepting" of swinging, but they are *familiar* with it from years of Jerry Springer type talk shows, and other media. Shows that feature polyamory seem to cause more distress for people, as far as I have seen.
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