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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Gia has said that she sees me as an Aunt figure for the child to be, which I'm comfortable with. The big question for me is -- would I be willing to be more? Would I be willing to be a co-parent? I don't know if the two of them would even want that, but I can't decide whether or not to offer unless I know if I would want to follow through. How would I find the time? What would our families think (we're all soooort of out about poly right now)? Would it even be possibly, logistically, since I don't live with them?
Don't offer, just do. An Aunt figure can be a little involvemet or a lot. Her idea of an Aunt figure could very well mean co-parent. Stop worring about the labels and just do what you are comfortable with. They will let you know what they are comfortable with and in the beginning, they may not even know themselves. What's OK one day may not be the next and vice versa.
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