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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Well, swingers' clubs get write-ups in pretty all the NYC-centric magazines and blogs (and the established ones like New York Magazine and The New Yorker as well as the downtown hipster ones) and most people here know that swinging's mostly about couples going to clubs and swinger parties for recreational sex. Swinger Parties are big in NYC! You have to get an invitation and submit an application before you are told where it will be held. And Swinger Meetups are popular, too ( And I have met several swingers in normal everyday situations. It's just been around longer and is more familiar. But the thought of love being in the equation seems to either scare or confuse people. Most people seem to think it's an either/or choice between swinging and monogamy - where the heck does polyamory fit in? Either that or they expect you to be an old hippie type into food co÷ps and communes.
Yah, a big city obviously has more potential for these new age type concepts I think. If even like 0.1% of people are swingers, then you're going to have a few thousand in New York vs say 1 or 2 in a small town. And when you have a few thousand people doing something, that kind of message can spread quickly through a populace.

When you consider much of the world is islamic or christian they will likely never accept poly values (with islam there are some poly aspects however) or swinger values. Always handy to remember that I think.

I couldn't imagine living in New York personally though.... seems so contrived. I prefer to sort of collect people from around the world that think like me, internet makes it easy.
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