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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
From what I know having been here for two years is that many people who have had a successful experience with unicorns just found them by chance, rather than by searching... it seems to me that people have a good friend who turns into something more and then they share their lives together.
For the record, this is exactly how my three-person relationship came together. I'm the "unicorn" in this situation in that I'm a bi female who got involved with a married couple, though not in most of the other senses that people use that word. We were friends in college and stayed in touch afterwards, I was invited into their bed for a threesome, and as time went on I started dating one member of the couple. No plans or schemes or expectations, just natural development over time. Like you and yours boys, RP, we're a vee, not a triad (thus I can't claim true "unicorn" status), but in my case the two "wings" (that is to say me and my girlfriend's lovely husband) are also sexual partners.

Anyway, it's just nice to see the circumstances of my situation described as the basis for what is more likely to work.
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