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Originally Posted by WaywardDruid View Post
The Video starts with a lovely Redhaired woman running in a green pasture. She is well built upstairs and with the redhair and lowcut dress flowing down into the grass she is a lovely sight. Then the scene cuts to what looks like a piano bar where the blonde singer starts the song and she's wearing a leopard full length dress with holes in the side up both sides.

Very slinky dress. Everyone at the nightclub seem to love the song and every now and again the scene cuts back the redhead in the field as she dances around .. gets up on a horse and rides around and just seems like natures child (I love redheads - its the Lazarus Long in me).

About half way through the song the scene is of the blonde female singer walking from a city street into a city park and she amasses more and more dancers and various people behind her as she continues to sing about her 8-mile wide happy spot. (Yeah I know it's called a Vag***)

So everyones singing and dancing and enjoy the 8-mile wide ride and it just ends on the bar scene and everyone smiling and applauding the song.

Thats' about it, perhaps someone else can describe it better or add something I missed.

Just Me,
That was an excellent description, Tim. Thanks so much!

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