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I think the jealousy part is working itself out a little bit....he told me some of the more intimate details of his date the other day (which included oral sex) and I didn't really feel that gut wrenching heartache I thought I would. I just sort of took it in stride. Meanwhile, we have come back together in our relationship and have really sort of started trying to resolve some issues. He has been spending a lot more time with me as well, so I feel he has really heard me this time and is attempting to make things work better. Our love feels stronger than ever!

What remains to be worked out is this other woman with whom he had a date - apparently her other bf is really jealous too and reacted very strongly when he found out about the intimacy. I think what is going to have to happen is a "double date" to get everyone introduced and see how things pan out. I am not sure if I feel strong enough to meet her face to face yet, but what helps is knowing I am not the only one dealing with jealousy and uncertainty (the other bf is dealing with this stuff too).

The other issue is this second woman he is involved with that I really do not feel comfortable with. She is very young and it just seems to me that she is really all about playing around and messing with a lot of guys...she doesn't seem serious at all and Nick even told me that she stood him up once and that he had some uncertainty about her degree of honesty. I don't like the idea of Nick getting physical with someone like that. I asked him to put that relationship on hold for now until we get this other stuff sorted out, but he pretty much refused. I don't know if it is reasonable for me to ask that of him or not...
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