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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
NYC, did you check my link? Maybe you should find dates that way? Anyone you know to vouch for you. I thought it was a pretty interesting way of doing it actually! Not something I would want however...
Hmm, okay, I just did but I don't get it. What are you trying to say? That I should blog to get dates, LOL? I never really have a problem getting dates, but OKCupid's working pretty well for me, since I'm always online it seems - so why not? I have so many messages to sift through in my Inbox, that's what wears me out most! I mean, this is NYC, when I do a Match search on OKC, I usually get over 50 pages of results! I try to narrow it down more, and have gotten it to about 30 pages. But I also meet people pretty easily in the real world, too. Gosh, I've gone out with men I've met in the subway, the laundromat, classes, workshops, walking down the street, and in fact I first met my husband in the post office, so...

I don't really need help in finding them. Keeping them around could be a different story.
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