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I have a difficult time saying what I've said about sexual things, because I feel it is contrary to the basic principle of polyamoy which is about multiples loves and not promiscuity.

That is the reason I figured polyamory was more of a cover for wanting to be promiscuous. Six months ago when I 'came out' as poly, it was with the full understanding that is can't be just about sex. Now I am getting involved with the community to see what it is.

Shortly after I came out as poly I also had to face the fact that I am not straight. For A while I kinda let that stay under the radar, but now I identify as bi. I don't believe I am an even 50/50 split, but I am way to knew at all this to say. Mostly for both my sexuality and relationship choices, I am feeling enormous society pressures not to be the way I am. Coming out to a close friend and my sister seemed fairly easy. Then I came out to my brother which was tough at first, but went really well in the end.

Right now I am just soul searching to figure out what I am, and today is my first day talking to people I don't know about these topics. I am surprised how easy it is to talk though.
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