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Gosh, I remember when I was in my late 20s - all my relationships were filled with drama and angst. I wonder if that's just par for the course at a certain age. I remember my astrologer telling me, "the 20s are all about fucking up" (and learning from our mistakes). Anyway...

I just think you all need to communicate more - a pow-wow with all three of you present to talk about how things are going emotionally for each of you, perhaps on a regular basis. If your relationship's in trouble, I would step carefully but examine it and really get clear on how everyone's feeling. That seems to be the thing that has messed you all up before -- lack of communication, or not enough communication.

You didn't mention how much socializing you do together, but I also think that maybe doing fun things as a group of three, and also just you and C, might bring some more of a sense of cohesion and stability to you all. Just my intuition telling me that.

All the best to you...
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