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I'm not in search for just other partners for a physical thing, as I care more for intellectual connections with people but everyone's different. It's good that your wife is open to it, you can probably talk to her more about it and get her to learn about it on her own and that way be able to understand it more. Although, if she is set on it being more monogamous than anything else, you'll probably have some issues. What I would suggest is to have her as your primary and remind her of that and then have other partners as secondaries to your relationship. Ask her why she mostly wants it monogamous, what are her fears, troubles?

Btw, considering you said you're a male, you mentioned that you were okay with bringing in female and male partners, if you don't mind me asking are you straight or bi? Because my partner says that as a straight male does not want any male partners involved with me and I don't really understand his reasoning.
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